Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:


Question: What is Retouching?

Answer: Comprehensive Natural Headshot Retouching includes whitening eyes, saturating eye color, removal of large or apparent flyaway hairs, blemish removal, softening of bags under eyes, softening of extreme wrinkles and/or lines and evening of skin tone.


Question: Does The Headshot Salon offer any discounts if I order several images to be retouched?

Answer: Not at this time.  Please join our mailing list to receive emails about promotions.


Question: What is your turnaround time?

Answer: For orders placed on WEEKDAYS and BY NOON P.S.T., the TURNAROUND TIME IS USUALLY 5 BUSINESS DAYS (to receive Retouched Preview Images for your approval.) We work as fast as we can to try to get your previews to you as soon as possible.  If we receive an unusually large volume of orders, we will give you an update on when you will receive your preview.


Question: My images need retouching, but I'm not getting hardcopies made, I'm only posting them online.  Is the price the same?

Answer: Yes, the price for Comprehensive Natural Headshot Retouching is the same regardless of output (print or web).


Question: Do you offer rush services?

Answer: Yes. Same day turnaround is 200% rush. 2 day turnaround is 100% rush. Available weekdays only.


Question: Do you offer rush shipping on printed products?

Answer: Yes for an additional fee.


Question: Do you accept major credit cards?

Answer: Yes. We accept payments via PayPal. You may either use a major credit card or your PayPal account to make a purchase.


Question: Can I just email or call you with my credit card information for you to process?

Answer: No. We are unable to do this as we don’t have a credit card terminal. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER AS EMAIL IS NOT SECURE.


Question: Are there any other payment options besides using a credit card via PayPal?

Answer: Yes, we can send you an invoice via Square to pay with a major credit card.  Email us with your retouching order and request the Square payment option.


Question: What lab do you recommend for reproductions?

Answer: We recommend using Reproductions in Los Angeles for printing.


Question: I do not want a border, but I still need my name on the print, do I still order Setup?

Answer: Yes. Just specify your needs in the Special Instructions Box.


Question: For my theatrical shot, in addition to Setup, I need to add my agency’s logo on the image. Can this be done?

Answer: Yes. Just mention the logo in the Special Instructions Box and email us a jpeg or PDF of the logo AND if possible, have your agency email us a sample so we know exactly where to position the logo.


Question: My hair looks reddish in my headshots but it’s really more of a chestnut brown. Can you fix this?

Answer: Yes. For minimizing redness in hair color, this can be done under the flat headshot rate. Just mention this in the Special Instructions Box.


Question: My hair is really light blonde, but in my headshot it looks much darker than in real life. Can it be lightened?

Answer: Yes. For lightening hair color, this can be done under the flat headshot rate. Just mention this during checkout in the Special Instructions Box.


Question: I just colored my hair brown, but in my headshots I’m a blonde. Can you make me a brunette?

Answer: Yes, we can drastically change hair color, but in order to make it look natural, this involves detailed masking and falls under an hourly rate.


Question: My shirt is white but I’d really like it to be black, can you change the color of my shirt?

Answer: Yes, we can change the color of garments, but in order to make it look natural, this involves detailed masking and falls under an hourly rate.